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San Francisco (Presumed)
Hacker, DedSec programmer
Appears In

Josh is a character in Watch Dogs 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Josh is a DedSec member, and perhaps the most prolific hacktivist of the DedSec San Francisco wing.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Josh is Dedsec’s strongest programmer as well as the group’s biggest activist, preferring to view things through a positive lens and assuming the best in people. While some might call him naïve, he’s a much needed counterbalance for Dedsec’s wilder elements. Despite his drive to help people, Josh comes across as antisocial and distant. He finds his rare comfort behind a keyboard, digging through code, spotting patterns in social media, or solving complex cryptography. He was a perfect candidate for Dedsec’s meritocracy of skilled social misfits and they were ecstatic when he agreed to join them.

Josh is a skilled hacker and coder, and is responsible for the code behind the various robotic devices used by the heroes of Watch Dogs 2.

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