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isn't new and revolutionary in this game. I'm not syiang the game is bad so don't jump down my throat. Just syiang games like WoW have done a lot of what you said for years now so you can't really credit guild wars 2 for these features or advancements. That being said couldn't agree with you more, what an amazing game. Tried to get into TOR once they offered the free to level 15 trial but just couldn't do it. I played WoW for years on and off up until cata where I just couldn't handle one stupid decision after another from blizz anymore. Glad a free alternative (well free after purchase) is available that I can just drop in and out of to play other games without worrying about wasting 15 bucks month. I hope the cash model they are using can make them enough cash so they can bolster up the end game content and have regular patches that add content like WoW has done so well up till now. Only time will tell and honestly even if I get bored from what I've heard leveling take 80-100 hours on average. So for 60 bucks that's more content then any other game I've played this year. Money well spent.